Presentation Training

Most people find public speaking or presenting very stressful, yet, for most of us, it is an inevitable part of our working lives. Whether you are speaking to colleagues, students, the general public, executives, the media, or a client or stakeholder, if you want to deliver an effective message, it is essential that you communicate your ideas with confidence and energy, and that you engage with your audience.

This is a hands-on workshop which will teach you effective ways to pitch your presentation to the needs of your audience. You will learn techniques which will help you inform and inspire, allowing you to get your message across.
This is a hands-on workshop providing personalised training with an experienced communications practitioner:

  • Learn to get your message across in a confident and effective manner;
  • Learn how to use your voice and your body language to your advantage;
  • Learn techniques to reduce nervousness and fear;
  • Increase confidence, self-esteem and motivation;
  • Learn how to answer questions, gain rapport, and handle difficult audiences;
  • Watch DVD examples of effective speeches;
  • Learn about equipment, microphones, and visual aids;
  • Work on writing your presentation, including help with structure, content and timing;
  • Presentations are recorded on camera, viewed, and feedback is provided during the course of the workshop.

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