Media training for business & corporate

Media Training and Presentation Training Courses

Ron Kandelaars has conducted media training courses for a host of clients for more than thirty years and has also developed a successful training course which prepares clients for a variety of public presentations. Both courses draw on Ron’s wealth of media and public relations experience.

Ron has worked in a variety of media roles for more than forty years, including ABC TV’s SA political correspondent and Chief of Staff. He wrote, produced and was a presenter on Channel 9’s successful travel program Postcards for thirteen years. Early in his career, Ron also worked as a senior reporter with several commercial newsrooms in Adelaide, and as a public relations consultant. He now provides longer magazine-style stories about characters and places around regional South Australia for the Seven network in Adelaide. For several years he also provided regular “Off The Beaten Track” radio segments for the Drive program on ABC 891 in Adelaide and the ABC’s regional network across the State. Ron is a regular speaker at conferences and is often engaged as a facilitator and MC for corporate events.

Contact Ron For further information

Ron Kandelaars Tel: 0418 823 515 Enquiries

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