Course Outline

Media Training

This is a hands-on workshop, designed to familiarise participants with the mechanics of the media.

The course will help them to prepare for television, press and radio interviews, and teach them techniques to get their message across. The emphasis is on participation and course members undergo a series of television interviews, which are replayed for comment and appraisal. Course interviews focus on real life case studies relevant to each participant, and the importance of delivering a concise message with real impact.

The course objective is not only to train participants in getting their message across but also to increase their understanding of how the media works, and how it can be influenced. Throughout the course, participants are also shown DVD examples of good and bad media performances, and are briefed on the potential pitfalls of dealing with the media.

The first element of the course focuses on the need for preparation, the honing and refining of a clear message with impact, and manipulating difficult media issues to the interviewee’s advantage. Special emphasis is given to providing participants with the skills needed to handle those questions which they would least like to be asked. The course will also pay particular attention to the print media and establishing a solid and workable relationship with journalists.

The session involves:

  • the gathering of background information, and preparation of specifically tailored case studies;

  • a series of television interviews, with detailed analysis of interview performances;

  • instruction on ways to improve presentation, and the handling of difficult media interviews;

  • use of real-life, good and bad television interviews; and discussion, critique and summary.


The cost of a 3.5 hour Media Training Course at your venue costs includes camera, lighting and replay equipment, hands-on training, and comprehensive course notes.
For details contact Ron Kandelaars on 0418 823 515 or email

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