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Ron Kandelaars currently works two days a week with the Seven network in Adelaide. His brief is to cover characters, places and events across regional South Australia. A selection of his stories has been made available for you to view.

Ron also provided regular “Off The Beaten Track” radio segments for Michael Smyth’s Drive program on ABC 891 in Adelaide. Since 2014 Ron’s offered tips and advice about tourism experiences across the State. In the making of these segments, Ron uses his imagination - and occasionally his faithful mutt, Tex (named after Crows star footballer, Tex Walker) - to bring to life some of the colourful characters from South Australian history. We suggest you click on “Bob – The Railway Dog”, an audio vignette in which Tex barks new life into an old dog with plenty of tricks.

Off The Beaten Track - Bob The Railway Dog

Bob the Railway Dog Tex

A number of other audio files have also been made available for you to listen to.

Off The Beaten Track - Farina

Off The Beaten Track - Monarto Zoo

Off The Beaten Track - Grange

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